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Apr 2017 – The CEO Magazine ANZ

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It’s something we nag our children about constantly: putting down their mobile phone and taking a break from the endless stream of digital communications. But aren’t we equally guilty? The temptation to stay on top of work emails while out of the office can often prove too great, with the phone’s alarm in the morning often signalling a chance to check what’s been happening online rather than the need to get out of bed.

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To combat this, France has legislated against after-hour emails. In order to protect workers from burnout and also to protect their right to fair pay, businesses that employ 50 people or more must establish set hours when staff mustn’t send or receive emails. Germany did something similar in 2014, when the labour ministry made it illegal for managers to call or email staff after hours, except in an emergency. It seems that left to our own devices, we stay connected through our devices.

One way to ensure a digital detox is to embrace the latest travel trend and have an unplugged adventure. Increasing numbers of stressed-out executives are heading to remote resorts where the wi-fi stands for wilderness fix. Tour companies have many such itineraries on offer to cater to this new phenomenon. Googling and digital detox; yields more than 9 million results. It’s clearly something that’s on our minds. In this issue, Tatyana Leonov heads to one such resort in Malibu for a week of complete recharge and reboot. Daily massages and meditation and a plant-based, biodynamic diet transform her into a much clearer and calmer version of herself.