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May 2019 issue – The CEO Magazine ANZ

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They say it’s lonely at the top but it doesn’t have to be. This month, The CEO Circle’s very own CEO, John Karagounis, commemorates 25 years since the organisation began and highlights the impact it has had on its C-suite members.

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John looks back on his decision to take over The CEO Circle and why it was important to do so: ‚ÄúThe answer was simple: to make a difference in every person’s life that I touch.

As John chronicles the trials and tribulations of the organisation, he also leaves some words of wisdom on the idea of success. Then find out who makes the best CEO – is it COOs, CMOs or do CFOs do it better? Plus, we show you how to deal with cybercriminals, select your successor and decide whether rare whisky should be your next big investment.

Our Indulge section takes you for a spin in the Bentley Continental GT Convertible; gives you a glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef via a superyacht; and has you experience Hanoi and its rich cultural history. And did we mention the stellar views from the US$100,000-per-night Damien Hirst-designed suite in Las Vegas?


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