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Apr 2019 Issue – The CEO Magazine Asia

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Paul McNamee; Chubb’s Asia-Pacific Regional President talks leadership; strategy and future plans

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The CEO Magazine talks to Chubb’s Asia-Pacific Regional President Paul McNamee on leadership, strategy and future plans. And as the threat of cyberattacks intensifies in today’s rapidly digitising world, we look at a new generation of artificial intelligence technology that businesses are turning to in order to defend themselves against rogue nation-states, e-criminals and hackers. We delve into the world’s top ultra-prime worksites to invest in, and investigate co-CEO arrangements, asking: are two CEOs are better than one? Indulge with an A-Z list of watches, from Audemars Piguet to Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. Which top timepieces will you add to your collection, or do you have them already? And we stop over in Anchorage, Alaska, with tips on where to eat, sleep and shop.


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