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Oct 2019 issue – The CEO Magazine EMEA

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Aerin Lauder, granddaughter to renowned beauty businesswoman Estee, discusses the dynasty’s legacy and how she’s adding to it in her own way. It’s all in the October issue of The CEO Magazine EMEA. Plus, we reveal how to adjust to a growing proportion of gen Z leaders, we test-drive a luxury SUV from Lamborghini and go travelling in Morocco.

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In The CEO Magazine’s October cover story, Aerin Lauder reflects on the family legacy and lifelong story that’s led her to serve as Estee Lauder’s Style and Image Director, carrying on the legacy built by her grandmother, while adding her own modern touch to the brand. Aerin also reveals her five top business lessons, and the way the company has helped countless women build professional careers. This month’s issue also tells you how companies can adjust to a growing proportion of gen Z leadership; how AI-based organisations are dealing with the ethical issues it entails; how your smartphone is killing you; and how new CEOs can adjust to the modern business world. Plus, check out Lamborghini’s new SUV, a luxury holiday in Morocco and the countless possibilities offered by Amsterdam.


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