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Feb/Mar 2019 issue – The CEO Magazine IND & SA

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Sunil Duggal : The CEO of Hindustan Zinc talks growth, success and dealing with change

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Hindustan Zinc is growing by every conceivable metric, and it’s become one of the world’s most forward-thinking mining companies. In an in-depth conversation with CEO Sunil Duggal, we learn that while the company is drawing value out of the ground, it’s putting even more back into Indian society and the economy. We then explore ways to make more meaningful business connections across the globe, learn how the concept of nudging can boost staff engagement to increase market share, and chart the rise of co-working spaces. Later, we have an unforgettable experience with Maserati in its Italian hometown, profile the latest and greatest private helicopters currently on the market, and go cruising in the perfection-pushing Porsche 911 Carrera.


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