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Sep/Oct 2019 issue – The CEO Magazine NA

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Celebrities and tycoons, like Matt Damon – our cover star this month – are using their wealth and power to promote a new model of ‘catalytic philanthropy’. We investigate the movement in the September/October issue of The CEO Magazine North America.

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The September/October issue of The CEO Magazine looks at the power of purpose and how there’s a new stripe of leader who is using the recognition gained by years of service to power positive action. For these individuals (celebrities such as Matt Damon and business folk alike), status, recognition and wealth are a means to a greater, more purposeful end. We also take a look at whether being dyslexic could provide an advantage in the C-suite; what Jony Ive’s departure means for Apple; and how flying cars could become a reality within a decade. Plus, we showcase four Swiss smartwatches; go on the ultimate driving tour through Europe; and head to Zambia for a safari experience that involves land, river and sky.


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