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Aug 2018 issue – The CEO Magazine EMEA

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Are these Mark Zuckerberg’s darkest hours?

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Are these Mark Zuckerberg’s darkest hours? In the August issue of The CEO Magazine, we chart the rise and fall of the geek god turned tech villain and wonder about the future of Facebook. We also take a look at some of the worst CEOs in history and reveal the lessons you can learn from them. Looking for major motivation? Meet Leila Janah, the award-winning social entrepreneur who is on a mission to make a more sustainable world, and Francesca Gino, who reveals how to be a rebel leader. Discover how great bosses engage their employees, why upskilling is the only way to survive in today’s market, and which cities are best for property investment. All this, and we tell you where to eat in Norway, where to shop in Penang, where to stay in London and how to get there – by private jet, of course.


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