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May 2019 issue – The CEO Magazine EMEA

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Jeff Bezos: The reason behind his $145 billion smile

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Pick up a copy of our May issue to find out what’s behind Jeff Bezos’s US$145 billion smile. With the high street fashion market worth US$1.5 trillion, the battle for who will take the biggest slice of the pie is on. Our cover star is the Amazon boss who is going head to head with Pablo Isla, the CEO of Inditex (parent company of Zara). Then find out who makes the best CEO – is it COOs, CMOs or do CFOs do it better? Plus, we show you how to deal with cybercriminals, select your successor and decide whether rare whisky should be your next big investment. Our Indulge section takes you for a spin in the Bentley Continental GT Convertible; gives you a glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef via a superyacht; and has you experience all the action of LA in just a short stay. And did we mention the stellar views from the US$100,000-per-night Damien Hirst-designed suite in Las Vegas?


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